Safe Summer 2016

Safe Summer is a community response to Rochester’s homicide problem.  Since most homicides in Rochester are because of disputes, Safe Summer mobilizes residents to take back our streets.  Because disputes without intervention far too often lead to either a casket or prison, Safe Summer will use social media, billboards and other outlets to remind the streets that “it doesn’t have to end this way.”  Safe Summer includes:

  1. Billboards:  Eight (8) billboards have been placed across Rochester that state “60% of homicides in RochBillboardsester are because of disputes, retaliation, or saving face.  It doesn’t have to end this way!”  Billboards are located at:
    • North Clinton Avenue & Avenue A
    • North Clinton Avenue & Arthur Street
    • Jefferson Avenue & Bartlett Street
    • Hudson Avenue & Nassau Street
    • Portland Avenue & Wesley Street
    • Buffalo Road & Glide Street
    • Main Street
    • Jay Street
  2. Public Service Announcements: Because numerous disputes escalate on social media, RUR releases PSA’s each week on social media that provides different tips on how to resolve disputes.
  3. Street Team:  Each Friday RUR meets at 6pm at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Bartlett Street as we canvass the Jefferson Avenue – Genesee Street area to build relationships, connect persons to resources, mediate conflicts, and help to deescalate events that could become violent.  Please park in the ABC Head Start Parking Lot.

Learn more about the Safe Summer Campaign here or contact (585) 454-3060  or email to join this crusade or for more information.